Problem Solving

Step by step instructions for solutions to the most common problems associated with stone, tile and grout.

PS01 - Grout Haze (Light) - From Porcelain & Ceramic Tile PS02 - Grout Haze (Heavy) - From Porcelain & Ceramic Tile PS03 - Grout Haze - From Natural Stone PS04 - Epoxy Grout Haze PS05 - Efflorescence (Light) PS06 - Efflorescence (Heavy) PS07 - Porcelain Wax PS08 - Stain Removal from Porous Surface PS09 - Pencil Marks - Metallic Stains - Rust PS10 - Adhesive - Mastic - Silicone - Paint PS11 - Sealers & Coatings (Stripping) PS12 - Sealer Residue PS13 - Enhance'N'Seal Residue PS14 - Waxes - Floor Finishes PS15 - Soap Scum - Hard Water Deposits - Mildew Stains PS16 - Soot - Smoke - Hydrocarbons - Red Soil PS17 - Grout - Re-Colouring PS18 - Grout - Faded or Stained PS19 - Slippery Tiles PS20 - Repolish Lightly Etched or Scratched Stone (Small Areas) PS21 - Repolish Lightly Etched or Scratched Stone (Large Areas) PS22 - Honing Natural Stone

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Important Note:
These recommendations are intended as general guidelines for problem solving. The actual product dilution ratios, dwell times and cleaning requirements may vary depending on the use, amount & method of application plus severity of the problem. Read Product Label, Technical Bulletin & SDS thoroughly prior to use. Always do a small test area first. Keep surface clean and dry to reduce possibility of slip-fall accidents.