Problem Solving

Step by step instructions for solutions to the most common problems
associated with tile, stone and grout.

PS01 - Removal of Cement or Grout Haze from Porcelain & Ceramic Tile (Light) PS02 - Removal of Cement or Grout Haze from Porcelain & Ceramic Tile (Heavy) PS03 - Removal of Cement or Grout Haze from Acid Sensitive Tile & Stone PS04 - Removal of Epoxy Grout Haze PS05 - Removal & Management of Efflorescence PS06 - Removal & Management of Efflorescence from Acid Sensitive Tile & Stone PS07 - Removal of Porcelain Wax Coatings PS08 - Removal of Deep-Set Stains from Porous Tile/Natural Stone/Masonry PS09 - Removal of Pencil Marks/Metallic Stains/Rust PS10 - Removal of Adhesive/Mastic/Silicone/Paint PS11 - Removal of Sealers & Coatings (Stripping) PS12 - Removal of Sealer Residue from Tile or Stone Surfaces PS13 - Removal of EnhanceíNíSeal Residue PS14 - Removal of Waxes/Floor Finishes PS15 - Removal of Soap Scum & Hard Water Deposits/Mildew Stains PS16 - Removal of Soot, Smoke, Hydrocarbons & Red Soil PS17 - Recolour & Seal Faded or Stained Grout PS18 - Darken Faded Grout PS19 - PS20 - Repolish Lightly Etched or Scratched Polished Stone (Small Areas) PS21 - Repolishing/Restoration of Polished Stone (Large Areas) PS22 - Honing of Calcium Based Natural Stones

Important Note:
These recommendations are intended as general guidelines for problem solving. The actual product dilution ratios and cleaning requirements may vary depending on the use, amount and method of application. Read product direction thoroughly prior to use. Always test first. Keep surface clean and dry to reduct possibility of slip-fall accidents