Surface Finder

Different surfaces have different requirements. For your convenience we have Pre-Grout Sealing, Sealing and Maintenance specifications listed for most common surfaces.

The options recommended in the Pre-Grouting Sealing / Sealing / Maintenance sections do not necessarily represent the only options or combinations available.

As each installation has its own unique characteristics and variables, other options may be considered on a specific basis.

Do not hesitate to contact Aqua-Seal STC™ Technical Service via e-mail or
02 9521-4000 with information specific to the situation you are addressing, for additional options.

Agglomerate Basalt (Flamed) Basalt (Honed) Basalt (Polished) Bluestone (Flamed) Bluestone (Honed) Bluestone (Polished) Brick Pavers Bi Encaustic Tiles Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile-Textured Concrete Tile Concrete (Honed) Concrete (Polished) Encaustic Tiles Engineered Stone (Honed) Engineered Stone (Polished) Granite (Flamed) Granite (Honed) Granite (Polished) Grout Limestone (Flamed) Limestone (Honed) Limestone (Polished) Limestone (Tumbled) Marble Agglomerate (Polished) Marble (Flamed) Marble (Honed) Marble (Polished) Marble (Tumbled) Mother Of Pearl Natural Stone Tables Pavers Porcelain (Polished) Porcelain Tile (Unglazed) Quarry Tile Quartzite Saltillo Sandstone Shellstone Slate Terracotta Aqua-Seal STC™ How To Care For
Terracotta Hand Made Terrazzo (Honed) Terrazzo (Polished) Tessellated Travertine (Cross Cut) Travertine (Flamed) Travertine (Honed) Travertine (Polished) Travertine (Tumbled)


Important Note:
Read entire label before using. TEST A SMALL AREA to determine the ease of application & desired results.